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Little golden things which set lazy men dreaming!

.:Shiny Things &c:.
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Yay! Icon-journal!

Handy List of Rules:
+All icons are completely up for sharing, unless clearly stated otherwise.
+Customization of bases I've made is quite cool, really. [Especially if you let me coo over what you've done with them!]
+Credit would make me a very very happy Elskeness, in the keywords or comment space or your userinfo or whatever. Crediting either "elskegaderian", "paroles", or "choses" is just fine, although it would make the most sense to credit "choses" so if people like your icons, they know where to find more like them. :D
+I'll let anyone who wants to join the community, but only I get posting access. ;)

Hmm. That's about it. Enjoy!

I have Affiliates! Check out their icon journals, because they also make pretties. :D


Also, do check out minimal_icons, a lovely community of which I'm a member. ;)

[Resource list = here]


My personal journal: elskegaderian.
My creative writing: paroles [words.]
My writing experiment - 101 words daily: histoires [stories.]
My fanfiction: dedicaces [dedications]